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Lovely Machine

The Lovely Machine harnesses chaotic forces and uses them for locomotion. This unpredictable and fickle behavior is due to the presence of visitors, sensors, and signals sent to the motor. The Lovely Machine is eager to meet you.

The unpredictable behavior of the machine is directly related to the unpredictable procurement of the materials used in its construction. Over the course of one day, a washing drum and motor were collected resulting in the emergent design of a walking machine. The unintentional movement of the washing machine in the laundry room is transformed into a locomotive motor, following a transformative practice of the adaptation and modification of artifacts using found objects and functions.

This second version of the Lovely Machine is based on a prototype built with Dolo Piqueras at Time's Up

Anika Hirt

Anika Hirt is a media artist from Hamburg, Germany with many homes, currently discovering the peculiar golden McNuggets of the promised land. More info here




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