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August 11th 19 Uhr

Vernissage in der Fleischmarkthalle

Performance von robotcowboy zur Vernissage der Ausstellung "Wandern mit dem Kopf"

Foto: Heinke Rau

Toujours Kultur Karlsruhe - Alter Schlachthof
August 11th - 14th 2022


Gruppenausstellung mit Lisa Bergmann, Nikolaus Böttinger, Anika Hirt, Renate Koch, Carolin Lehner, Heinke Rau, Betty Rieckmann und den Gästen Arrtist Duo (Nathalie Franz und Alexander Suvorov), Nina McNab, robotcowboy, Silke Stock.

Vernissage: Donnerstag, 11. 8. um 19 Uhr
Begrüßung: Tempel 19:30 Uhr
Performance: 20:00 Uhr - robotcowboy
Geöffnet bis 1 Uhr. Die Künstler:innen sind anwesend

Künstler:innen aus dem Tempel kommen zusammen und bringen ihre Freunde mit. Sie zeigen Installation, Lichtkunst, Fotografie und Malerei. Bei einer Wanderung werden einem die unterschiedlichsten Aspekte der Natur bewusst. In der Ausstellung schaffen Farbe, Licht, Form und Atmosphäre einen Raum zur Begehung. „Wandern mit dem Kopf“ meint die Reise, die in der Vorstellung passiert.

Dauer: 11. – 14.8.2022
Öffnungszeiten: Fr, Sa, So 17 – 22 Uhr
Finissage: 14. 8.

Toujours Kultur Karlsruhe - Alter Schlachthof

Interdisziplinärer Fördertopf

Förderung für interdisziplinäre Projekte im Bereich Kunst, Wissenschaft und Technologie der Stadt Karlsruhe von dem Kulturbüro des Kulturamtes für die Weiterentwicklung von Produktionsmethode für Inflatables erhalten.

Die Förderung unterstützt Projekte im Schnittstellenbereich zwischen Kunst, Wissenschaft und Technologie und wurde 2019 zum fünften Mal ausgeschrieben.
April 26th - May 3rd 2019


Works by Isabell Kamp und Anika Hirt

In der Doppelausstellung befassen sich die beiden Künstlerinnen Isabell Kamp und Anika Hirt mit Kommunikation, dem Raum, den sie einnimmt und ihrer Wirkung auf zwischenmenschliche Wahrnehmung.
Ob Laut, Symbol oder Objekt – unsere Kommunikation ist ein System aus Zeichen und ihren Bedeutungen, die auf konventionellem Weg verbunden sind. In Anlehnung an die Semiotik verstehen Kamp und Hirt ihre Arbeiten als „Zeichenkörper“, die das Zeichen als wahrnehmbares Phänomen erfahrbar machen.


Inflatables Compilation

These inflatables are a shareable space to be entered and explored. Depending on the lighting, the material used acts as a one-way mirror between inside and outside. The border between spaces is thus blurred, creating a purely visual sense of privacy.

Double Bubble, 2016
Experiments in the Utah desert, 2016
robotcowboy: Onward to Mars by Dan Wilcox, 2014
*fling, 2018
October 25-28th 2018

Inflatables at the Lab30 in Augsburg, DE

*fling - A large scale inflatable to walk into...
An inflatable as shareable space to be entered and explored. Depending on the lighting, the material used acts as a one-way mirror between inside and outside. The border between spaces is thus blurred, creating a purely visual sense of privacy. This work is part of a series of inflatables made of silver and gold foil.

June 22nd to mid September 2018

Tennis and Clouds at the Jubez

Exhbiting with Nadine Schilling at the Jubez in Karlsruhe.

Dec 8-11 2016

Trust Me (Autocucumber) at Roboexotica

A project built for and presented at the Roböexotica Festival for Cocktailrobotics in Vienna Austria, Dec 8-11 2016. In collaboration with Dan Wilcox and Winner of the 18th Annual Cocktail Robot Award for Bartending Conversation.

November 2016

Double Bubble @ Q21, Museumsquartier Vienna

Double Bubble was shown at the Vienna Art Week 2016 "Seeking Beauty"

Double Bubble is an inflatable made of silver and gold metallized plastic film, exploring, creating and sharing space.

Museumsquartier Q21
December 3rd and 4th 2016

Autocucumber at the Roböexotica

In production and coming up: a special project for Roböexotica 2016, the world's preeminent cocktail robot festival. Mr. Dan Wilcox and I will spend a residency at MQ21 in Vienna working on "Auto Cucumber".

Watch for the dates Roböexotica

Thursday, October 13 2016

Dress the Kicker

"Kicker" is the German word for foosball. There happens to be a bunch of unhappy and boring looking figures stuck to a Kicker table. They are also all male. Come out and help dress 'em up on 701's art night on Thursday October 13th 2016 to make a collaborative art Kicker.

We will have some materials like fabrics, wool, pens etc but feel free to bring anything you can think of. The only restriction would be that the figures still need to be playable so don’t extend them too much in size (especially on the bottom) and don’t use materials like glitter that would easily fall on the table.

Thursday, October 13th, at 701. 701 W 6th Ave, Denver

July 1st and 15th 2016

Bible Safe: Plan B or My Enlightenment

A Giddeons Bible as a Safe.

Plan B is a Bible keeping my secret safe. It is enclosed by a tiny mylar inflatable. Once plugged in, the fan starts to inflate the bubble and a tiny light peaks through the mylar.

"The history of the house Bible holds many accounts from Family History, Family Trees, Important Dates and records of Birth and Death. They were used to hold certificates, deeds, savings, money and photographs. Household Bibles were generally handed down through generations, making their contents heirlooms. The House Bible was the first thing snatched up in an emergency or house fire."

More info on the gallery's website 701

July 2016

The temple of the Illusion of Safety

A collaboration with Sofy Yuditskaya for the 2016 Disorient Country Club. A Mylar inflatable in the woods, analog video, video-feeback and reflections.

Photos of the Temple of the Illusion of Safety here
Friday, April 1st 2016

Solo Show: Double Bubble

Double Bubble is an inflatable made of silver and gold metallized plastic film, exploring, creating and sharing space. It’s an escape into a new world that creates the feeling of sensuality and belonging. The spaces and borders created are blurred by the material's translucency and changing light conditions.

More info on the gallery's website 701
Sunday, August 23rd 2015

Space Art: An evening in the stars

An experimental and inter-disciplinary event of multi-media art, installations, performance, music, film, and spoken word which explore the realities and aspirations of life in space
June 2015 - ongoing

Glow vs. Glare at the Food City Community Garden, Pittsburgh PA

As part of the Neu-City residency at the Neukirche Contemporary Art Center Glow vs. Glare was installed, originally for the summer. Check it out it might still be up...

Or check it out on Google StreetView
February 2014

Rocket in my pocket

Robotcowboy: Onward to Mars

For Dan Wilcox's music performance show Onward to Mars I sew a space suit and did the stage design, including a huge spaceship. The spaceship is made of mylar and is inflatable. Check out his website for more images and video.
September 2013

Return of the Spirit of Molten Iron

Alloy PGH opening of the artist in residency exhibtion

A mylar inflatable body suit for Dan Wilcox' performance at the carrie furnaces. The suit is made of mylar and inflated with a battery powered fan.

Alloy PGH

Anika Hirt

Anika Hirt is a media artist from Hamburg, Germany with many homes, currently discovering the peculiar golden McNuggets of the promised land. More info here




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