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Space Trash

Space Trash is an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) installation which combines aspects from VR software engineering, game design, physical interface and visual design. The application deals with floating trash in the earth’s orbit, which cause damage to satellites. The players have collaborate to collect the trash by maneuvering a spaceship and controlling a collector arm.

The application is displayed using stereoscopic images in two different locations. Each location is controlled by a team of 3 people responsible for different jobs inside the space ship. They play against each other via network communication. The team that collects more space trash and doing so gains more points is the winner.

Each team has an engineer to speed up the space ship with a bike as interface, a navigator who conducts the space ship through the orbit with a meat chopper or an old record player and the space trash collector using a hand lawn machine or an old hand washer.

The Plot

10 years from now, the earth orbit is filled with Space Trash produced from previous space excursions. There is a growing necessity to collect the space trash and create room for the launch of new satellites. Many freelancing space trash collectors are making contracts with big satellite corporations to take this dangerous and high rewarded job. Now, there is a competition between collectors to gather as much trash in a limited flight time in order to make more money.

Three retired astronauts from NASA, Russia and China, who lost their money in Las Vegas and are looking forward to earn the peaceful retired life in Florida. Three hackers flying in a self-made spaceship. Every-thing on the ship is made of used electronics parts. Their aim is to launch their DIY satellite for the Free Network.

The gane was developed for the Long Night of Research '09 in Linz, Austria in collaboration of the Johannes Keppler University and the Art University Linz. Many clever heads helped and contributed

Christoph Anthes, Philipp Aumayr, Clemens Birklbauer, Margit Blauhut, Roland Hackl, Anika Hirt, Marlene Hochrieser, Roland Hopferwieser, Clemens Mock, Ricardo Nascimento, Simon Opelt, Robert Owen, Dolo Piqueres, Magdalena Reiter, Christoph Payrhuber, Ivan Petkov, Mika Satomi, Stefan Simmer, Georg Stevenson, Roland Landertshamer, Bernhard Lehner, Marina Lenger, Martin Lenzelbauer, Alexander Wilhelm, and Wolfgang Wögerer.

Anika Hirt

Anika Hirt is a media artist from Hamburg, Germany with many homes, currently discovering the peculiar golden McNuggets of the promised land. More info here




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