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The concept of GLIFIC is a reversal of contemporary trends in web-based media, whereby the concept of tagging media is transformed back onto itself. Rather than tagging images, video, and content with words like Flickr, Delicious, and other social bookmarking sites, we use media (primarily images) to tag words themselves. Instead of tagging one photos with a dozen words, we seek to tag one word with a dozen images. At any given point the word AUTOMOBILE could have tens of different visual representations. Using images as tags we then rebuild nar- ratives, news and events by replacing the words in their text.

Narratives, news and current events are translated back into a glyphic form that breaks language barriers through the re:symbolization of communication. Obama’s inauguration speech, C.S. Lewis’ Alice in Wonderland, or the continuous stream of news feeds from sources like Al Jazeera or The New York Times can be written backwords from their linguistic forms into pictographic re-interpretations.

Collaboration with: Jayme Cochrane and Travis Kirton

Anika Hirt

Anika Hirt is a media artist from Hamburg, Germany with many homes, currently discovering the peculiar golden McNuggets of the promised land. More info here




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