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Blast furnace Light Object Blob is the backronym for BLOb, a recursive, solar powered, space aged, golden mylar inflatable reflecting our technological progress with its forgotten past. By studying how these structures evolve at increasing scales, the notion of scale-space blobs was introduced. Beyond local contrast and extent, these scale-space blobs have an origin in its most binary form, unless a blob is just "the thing that ate Cincinnati, Cleveland, or whatever".


Scale-Space-BLObs was made for the Alloy PGH residency 2013 at the Carrie Furnaces in Pittsburgh, a former blast furnace which is now a relict of Pittsburgh steel industry. The Carrie Furnace is part of the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area.

Anika Hirt

Anika Hirt is a media artist from Hamburg, Germany with many homes, currently discovering the peculiar golden McNuggets of the promised land. More info here




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